Effective 3/31/2021

Yahoo has announced that sitebuilder will no longer
be available and therefore no Yahoo websites can be
updated effective 3/31/2021

What this means to you...

1.  The site will still be available at the same location.

2.  If all you want to do is pray, nothing changes!

3.  Pages that I normally update on a daily or weekly
basis will no longer be allowed to update.  Don't
worry, if you like to see the updates, I am placing a
link on all of those pages that will forward you to my
Scriptural Rosary Blog.  I can update these pages
daily and they are easy to find.

4. I've already started adding links just to make sure
everything is perfect come 3/31/2021.

5. When you get to the blog, there are categories in
the side menu.  Learn to use them.

6.  All audio rosaries are already available at the top
of the blog or under "menu" if you are on your phone.

7.  I will probably eliminate many items from the
store since I will not be able to update prices if the
cost of these items increase.

8.  You may want to "follow" the blog.  There is a
button on the side menu and it is easy to register.  If
you register, you should be notified by email
whenever I create a new post.

Visit the Blog

That's it.  Please feel free to email me if you have
questions or recommendations.

Thank you and God Bless!