Weekly Update

Purgatory Rosary

March 2018 - A New Record - 4667


Your Prayers And Support Are

Mobile Friendly Site Now Available!
Click here to see the changes.  You may need to
refresh the page.

The mobile site is still under construction but all
mysteries and the audio rosaries are now
available and can be prayed on your phone.  You
can also use your tablet or computer if you like
big fonts!  I'm still updating other pages but hope
to be done soon.


The prayer count has gone down since the host offered
SSL security and I changed the site from


This makes all pages of the site secure, although the only
reason you need security is if you buy something or make
a donation and you get sent to PayPal's secure website to
do that.  I guess we lost some followers or pop-ups about
secure content may be scaring some people away.  We
also lost all of the "Likes" on Facebook.  It used to be
thousands... now I think it says 2 and one of them is me.  
So please use the like button below to like the site and
help get the word out so more people come back to pray.  
Thank you!

Thanks to all who continue to support the site with your
prayers.  Please tell someone new this week about the site
and its mission.

For those of you that pray on Laudate and have
had problems or can't pause then start at the
same place, try the
audio rosaries at this site.  
Now mobile friendly and work great!

You can pray along for free.  Order CDs or
download to your favorite listening devices at the
audio rosary page too!  Your support helps me
maintain the costs of the site and advertising.

The mission remains to get more people to realize the
blessings and benefits associated with praying the
rosary.  The count is just one way of measuring success.  
If you use the form at the end of the closing prayers, your
rosary is included in the count.

Please use the ''Email Me" link below if you have ideas to
improve the site and/or to increase the success of our

Thanks again.  God Bless.

Email Me

As a reminder... here are the 15 promises from Our
Blessed Mother concerning the rosary.

I also want to thank all of you that take the time to send
some feedback.  I really enjoy hearing that people are still
discovering the site and that our Blessed Mother through
her holy rosary continues to touch people all over the

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