Lord, Jesus Christ, through Your bloody sweat of fear that You shed on the Mount of
Olives, we ask You to have Mercy on the Poor Souls in Purgatory!  Deliver them from
their fear and pain and console them with the Cup of Heavenly Comfort!
Our Father...

Then they came to a place named Gethsemane, and he said to his
disciples, "Sit here while I pray."  (Mark 14:32)  
Hail Mary...

He took with him Peter, James, and John, and began to be troubled and
distressed.  (Mark 14:33)  
Hail Mary...

Then he said to them, "My soul is sorrowful even to death. Remain here
and keep watch."  (Mark 14:34)  
Hail Mary...

He advanced a little and fell to the ground and prayed that if it were
possible the hour might pass by him; he said, "Abba, Father, all things
are possible to you. Take this cup away from me, but not what I will but
what you will."  (Mark 14:35,36)  
Hail Mary...

When he returned he found them asleep. He said to Peter, "Simon, are
you asleep? Could you not keep watch for one hour? Watch and pray
that you may not undergo the test. The spirit is willing but the flesh is
weak."  Withdrawing again, he prayed, saying the same thing.
(Mark 14:37-39)  
Hail Mary...

So Judas got a band of soldiers and guards from the chief priests and
the Pharisees and went there with lanterns, torches, and weapons.  
(John 18:3)  
Hail Mary...

Jesus, knowing everything that was going to happen to him, went out
and said to them, "Whom are you looking for?"  (John 18:4)
Hail Mary...

They answered him, "Jesus the Nazorean." He said to them, "I AM."
Judas his betrayer was also with them.  When he said to them, "I AM,"
they turned away and fell to the ground.  (John 18:5,6)  
Hail Mary...

Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it, struck the high priest's
slave, and cut off his right ear. The slave's name was Malchus.  Jesus
said to Peter, "Put your sword into its scabbard. Shall I not drink the
cup that the Father gave me?"  (John 18:10,11)  
Hail Mary...

So the band of soldiers, the tribune, and the Jewish guards seized
Jesus, bound him, and brought him to Annas...  (John 18:12,13)
Hail Mary...

Lord, grant them eternal rest and let perpetual light shine
upon them.

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell.
Lead all souls into heaven, especially those in most need of
Thy Mercy.


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