Mortgage Rate Update

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For years this site has been available to help with your spiritual wellness and
I truly appreciate all that support the site and its mission.

I am also a mortgage banker.  For those of you that would like to explore that
opportunity, I may be able to assist in your financial wellness too!  
No cost
or obligation to find out how much you can save.

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Our preferred title company will come to your home to close your
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Last week a 15 year term still paying at 2.375% and 30 year terms available as
low as 2.625!


Rates continue to be utterly fantastic!  Today, I quoted 2.375% paying lender
credits on a 15 year term.  A 30 year term was quoted at 2.875%.  Don't wait
before it's too late!


Locked a 15 year fixed rate refinance at 2.500% paying 0.475% in lender
credits.  That might be a record for me and I've been doing this for over 18
years!  If you ever thought about refinancing, now is the time to apply.  No
cost or obligation!


Mortgage rates remain at or near all-time lows.  It really doesn't make sense
to not get a free mortgage analysis to see how much you can save.  Today, a
rate of 2.625% could be paying lender credits to help with closing costs.
Please contact me for your free mortgage consultation.  Thank you and God


While other lenders are tightening requirements to get a loan or turning
down applications due to a lack of funds.... First Federal Bank continues
business as usual and refinance applications are so high that 10 new contract
underwriters started last week.

Happy Easter!

Rates are still great.  Refinance to lower your payment, your term, consolidate
debt or get cash out for other useful purposes.  There's never been a greater


On Friday I quoted someone 2.500% on a 15 year term.  That may be the
lowest rate I've seen in almost 20 years.  Call me for your free mortgage
analysis and let's see how much money you can save!


Rates are creeping up a bit but still great.  I heard a woman on Fox news
yesterday state "If you don't refinance now... you're crazy".  I'm sure that's
not the best way to speak, but you do have nothing to lose if you contact me
to get a mortgage analysis.  
There is no cost or obligation!


If you’ve been watching the news, you may know that mortgage rates are at
an all-time low.  Last week I locked rates for borrowers as low as 2.625% on a
15 year term with no points and 3.000% on a 30 year term with no points.  If
you’ve ever thought about lowering your rate and/or term to save money on
your mortgage, now is a great time for a free mortgage consultation.  It’s also
a great time to use equity to consolidate debts or make home improvements.

Remember... no cost or obligation!  Please give me a call or use the link below
to apply safely and securely on line at our company website.  Thank you!

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Thank you.  I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!