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For years this site has been available to help with
your spiritual wellness and I truly appreciate all
that support the site and its mission.

I am also a mortgage banker.  For those of you that
would like to explore that opportunity, I may be
able to assist in your financial wellness too!

Licensed to do mortgages in all 50 states!

No cost or obligation to find out how much you can save.

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Our preferred title company will come to
your home to close your loan and if you
request... the closer will wear a mask.

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Yahoo is no longer allowing updates to websites
effective 3/31/21.  To review the latest updates
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Happy Valentines Day!

Rates are still low but climbing.  If you have
considered refinancing, please do not delay.  Give
me a call and get your free mortgage analysis today.  
No cost or obligation.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  
Mortgage rates are still near all-time lows but with
the election and soon to be transfer of power, there
is some uncertainty and volatility in the market.

If you've considered looking into refinancing to see
how much money you can save, please don't delay!  
Take advantage of the low rates and your free
mortgage consultation.  Give me a call directly at
803-542-3863 and I am happy to answer all of your
questions.  No cost or obligation.

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Merry Christmas!

Here is another 5 -Star review from one of our
rosary participants that decided to refinance with

(5 of 5) Recommended
Great Out of State Transaction

The out of state transaction was not without
hurdles, all tiny and as we expected, but it was all
worthwhile as Bill Brown was able to secure for us
an unbeatable 15yr rate.
Norman from Concord, CA

Reviewed in December 2020


Is it time to Refinance?

Mortgage rates continue to be at all-time lows.  
There is no cost or obligation to find out how much
you can save.  I'm here to help and answer all your
questions before we get started.  Please use the
"Apply Now" link above or give me a call at

Bill Brown


98 Lending Tree 5-Star Reviews

See what my customers have to say about me and
First Federal Bank!  Then come back to this page
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Remember, no up front fees.  No cost or obligation.

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Just closed another loan for one of our rosary
participants.  Their rate is 2.625%.  She actually
called me after confession as she was praying a
scriptural rosary while waiting in line.  Why not see
how much you can save by refinancing?  You've got
nothing to lose!  Your mortgage consultation is
free... no cost or obligation.  I look forward to
hearing from you.

give me a call at 803-542-3863 or use the "Apply
Now" link above.


Still wondering if the time is right to refinance or
purchase a new home?
Use the calculators at my mortgage website to learn



You've probably already seen the news.  Mortgage
rate are at or near all time lows!  Have you
wondered how much you could save?  Perhaps you
are renting and wondering if you qualify to buy a
home?  Well... contact me.  There's no cost or
obligation to get your questions answered.

People are still saving tons of money and/or
increasing their monthly cash flow by refinancing
for shorter terms or using equity in their homes to
pay off the high interest credit card debt.

Yesterday, a rosary participant called me.  Said she
was standing in line for confession and was praying
a scriptural rosary at the site.  After submitting her
prayer so I could count it to the total, she noticed
the First Federal Bank logo and the "Refi Boom"
icon.  So she clicked on one of them then called me
because they were actively seeking to refinance
their home mortgage.

Maybe it's time you check it out too!  Rates
are fantastic.  I'm licensed to do mortgages
in all 50 states.  More and more of the
visitors to this site are taking advantage of
my almost 20 years of experience in the
mortgage industry.  We do purchase and
refinance loans.

No cost or obligation for your free quote.

Click here first to learn more about me and
see reviews from past customers.

Then use the secure "Apply Now" link or
give me a call for your free mortgage
analysis.  You've got nothing to lose!


Last week a 15 year term still paying at 2.375% and
30 year terms available as low as 2.625!


Rates continue to be utterly fantastic!  Today, I
quoted 2.375% paying lender credits on a 15 year
term.  A 30 year term was quoted at 2.875%.  Don't
wait before it's too late!


Locked a 15 year fixed rate refinance at 2.500%
paying 0.475% in lender credits.  That might be a
record for me and I've been doing this for over 18
years!  If you ever thought about refinancing, now is
the time to apply.  No cost or obligation!


Mortgage rates remain at or near all-time lows.  It
really doesn't make sense to not get a free mortgage
analysis to see how much you can save.  Today, a
rate of 2.625% could be paying lender credits to
help with closing costs. Please contact me for your
free mortgage consultation.  Thank you and God


While other lenders are tightening requirements to
get a loan or turning down applications due to a lack
of funds.... First Federal Bank continues business as
usual and refinance applications are so high that 10
new contract underwriters started last week.

Happy Easter!

Rates are still great.  Refinance to lower your
payment, your term, consolidate debt or get cash
out for other useful purposes.  There's never been a
greater time.  


On Friday I quoted someone 2.500% on a 15 year
term.  That may be the lowest rate I've seen in
almost 20 years.  Call me for your free mortgage
analysis and let's see how much money you can


Rates are creeping up a bit but still great.  I heard a
woman on Fox news yesterday state "If you don't
refinance now... you're crazy".  I'm sure that's
not the best way to speak, but you do have nothing
to lose if you contact me to get a mortgage analysis.  
There is no cost or obligation!


If you’ve been watching the news, you may know
that mortgage rates are at an all-time low.  Last
week I locked rates for borrowers as low as 2.625%
on a 15 year term with no points and 3.000% on a
30 year term with no points.  If you’ve ever thought
about lowering your rate and/or term to save money
on your mortgage, now is a great time for a free
mortgage consultation.  It’s also a great time to use
equity to consolidate debts or make home

Remember... no cost or obligation!  Please give me a
call or use the link below to apply safely and
securely on line at our company website.  Thank

Safe and Secure On Line Application

Direct Line:  678-679-6057

Home Office:  678-803-4325

Cell:  803-542-3863

Thank you.  I appreciate the opportunity to
earn your business!