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I am a mortgage banker working for CBC National Bank.  We are a nationwide lender with great rates
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If you or someone you know may be in need of a mortgage consultation please give me a call.  Your
mortgage analysis is free and there is no obligation.  I can get you pre-qualified if you are thinking about
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consolidate debt.  Or, we can see if lowering your interest rate will significantly lower your payment or
the time it takes to own your home.  Remember, your mortgage analysis is absolutely free and there is
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Why the Scriptural Rosary?

In 1995 I met a group of people praying the scriptural rosary in our church.  They asked me to join them
and they gave me a scriptural rosary book.  I loved the scriptural rosary and the book they gave me.

At this time I was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and it was great to meet such a supportive group
of people to pray the rosary with me.  We met every Thursday to pray the scriptural rosary then we
would spend about 30 minutes afterward socializing over coffee and donuts.  This continued for all 4
months of my treatment and quite a while after the treatment was completed.  It was awesome.  And
yes!  I have been cancer free since 1995 so praise God for that!

Well, in 2008, I could not find my book so I did a search for scriptural rosary on line.  I was very
disappointed. I found very few and none of them compared to my missing book.  So... I got to work
building my own website with the hope that others would come to experience the joy and the peace that
I felt whenever I prayed one.  I am so glad that you found this site and I sincerely hope that you have
come to love the scriptural rosary with the many blessings and benefits that come when you pray it

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