I am 47 years old and I'd like to live long enough to see
this site help deliver 1,000,000 Rosaries to Heaven.

Here are a few ways it could happen.

40 Years at 68.5 Rosaries a day - I'd be 87 years old

30 Years at 91.3 Rosaries a day - pushing my luck

20 Years at 137 Rosaries a day - I can see this happen

10 Years at 274 Rosaries a day - very likely to be around

If the two of us are good for 2 to 8 per day, we're still a
little short!  So how are we going to accomplish it?

Working Together.  
See Promise #12 from Our Holy
Mother.  Here are 5 suggestions on how you can help.

* Great idea from one of our participants! *

1.  Tell all of your praying friends.  Ask your
priest to announce this website in your church
I'd love to know if this happens!

2.  Pray the rosary daily and include the site and
its mission in your intentions.

Purchase from our online store.  You'll get a
quality product and your purchase will help with
associated costs while promoting the Holy

Make a donation.  I advertise the site on
Google and Yahoo.  Searches for "Scriptural
Rosary" will find us easily but not so for
searches on "rosary".  Please consider a small
donation.  Your support will make a big
  Today's Count

5.  Set up automatic monthly support.  Support
the site and it's mission on a monthly basis.  Just
select an amount for your monthly gift.  You can
cancel your pledge at any time.

The following table shows just how possible and how
quickly this can be done.  Please consider being a
participant in this worthwhile cause.  
Based on the
revised goal of 500,000 rosaries prayed.

As of 3/31/21 Yahoo is discontinuing sitebuilder
so I will no longer be able to update this table at
the website.  No worries, I have recreated it at
my blog.  You can see the updates at this link:

View Updated Numbers Here

Through WE 4/3/21 we are at 494,420 rosaries prayed.  
At our 3 week average (13
30 per week) 500,000 rosaries
will be prayed in May 2021.  Based on last week (
we would reach the goal in
April 2021.

I Will Help With Both Prayers And A Donation

I Will Help As A Praying Participant

I Will Ask My Priest to Advertise in Our Church Bulletin

Where We Stand
WE 3/
Where We Stand
WE 3/2
Where We Stand