"It sets us on fire with love of Our Lord!"

"Souls that thirst are refreshed!"

These are just two of the benefits and blessings of the
Most Holy Rosary.
There are six more benefits and nine more blessings,
you will find them inside.

In addition, Our Blessed Mother has made 15 promises
to those that pray the Holy Rosary.  You will find these
promises inside as well.

The Holy Mother Church received the Rosary in its
present form in 1214 in a miraculous way, when Our
Lady appeared to Saint Dominic and gave it to him as a
powerful means of converting the heretics and other
sinners.  Since then the devotion spread around the
world with incredible and miraculous results.

One night, as Saint Dominic was deep in prayer, Our
Lady appeared to him, holding the Rosary in Her hand
and said: "Be of good cheer, Dominic, the remedy for the
evils which you lament will be meditation on the life,
death and glory of My Son, uniting all with the recitation
of the angelic salutation (Hail Mary) by which the
mystery of redemption was announced to the world.
This devotion, which you are to inculcate by your
preaching, is a practice most dear to My Son and Me.
The faithful will obtain by it innumerable advantages
and shall always find Me ready to aid them in their
wants. This is the precious gift which I leave to you and
to your spiritual children."

The Rosary Prayer is much more than the repetition of
Our Father's and Hail Mary's.  It is contemplation on the
life of Jesus.  It could be thought of as a walk with His
Mother as She shares the Life of Her Son with you.

A Scriptural Rosary includes verses from the Bible that
help you to focus on each Mystery of the Rosary.  
Illustrations of each Mystery are designed to help do the
same.  There are a total of 20 Mysteries, 4 groups with 5
Mysteries each.  These groups are named:

The Joyful Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries
The Luminous Mysteries

At the top of the next page you can see an overview of
each group by clicking on the appropriate link.

The site is designed so that those that have never prayed
a Rosary before will be able to easily do so.  There is a
"How to Pray the Rosary" section but you should find
that you will be able to pray this Scriptural Rosary with
no problems.

For those that have never prayed a Rosary, here are a
few basic guidelines:

Our Father...means say the Our Father Prayer
Hail Mary...means say the Hail Mary Prayer
Glory be to the Father...means say the Glory Be
O My Jesus, forgive us our sins...means say the
O My Jesus Prayer

If you are not familiar with these prayer you can open
the pages below and reduce them after they open.  Each
time the prayer is required, simply open it back up and
pray it.  Trust me, soon you will have them memorized.

Our Father

Hail Mary

The Glory Be (The Doxology) and the O My Jesus
(The Fatima Prayer) prayers are printed on each page for
your convenience.

Optional prayers are included.  For some, they enhance
the experience but it is not necessary to say these
prayers.  Like this paragraph, the optional prayers are
italicized to help you recognize them.

For a shorter version without the scriptural
verses, just say the prayers that are bold black in

How to Pray the Rosary

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