As part of my efforts to help more people
experience the joys of the Holy Rosary I am
giving away this Scriptural Rosary book.  It is a
pocket sized sturdy paperback book that can
easily be placed in your pocket, your purse, the
nightstand beside your bed, the car glove box or
wherever else makes it readily available

There is a limit of one book per address.
Additional books may be requested with a
minimum gift of $5.00.  
Free books are
available for a limited time.*

If you would like to receive a free Scriptural
Rosary book, please complete all the information
on the following request form and mail your
request to the address on the form.

At this time, no e-mail requests can be
processed.  You must mail your request form to
receive your free Scriptural Rosary book.
If you would like to support these efforts to promote the Holy Rosary I thank you.  Your contribution will enable many
more to experience the power of this wonderful prayer and may help to continue the free book offer beyond 2/29/2008.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

A PayPal account is
not necessary in order to make an online donation.

This page, published on 1/29/2008 hadn't been up for 30 minutes when a friend of mine, wanting to make a donation,
suggested that there be donation levels.  Why not?  I've decided to base the levels on light.  The higher the donation, the
brighter the light!

Please join the club of your choice with the appropriate donation.

Yes, I want to help!

Club Members

Not able to make a donation at this time?  No problem.  You can support the mission with your prayers.  A Rosary
prayed for our intentions would be a powerful way to help and would be greatly appreciated!  Be sure to sign the
guestbook.  You'll have the opportunity to leave a comment as well.  I thank you for your prayerful support.


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*Free Scriptural Rosary books are no longer available.  You may purchase the above Scriptural
Rosary book at a cost of $7.95 per book.

Thank you!

I want to purchase a book!