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This film, directed by Leonardo
Defilippis, tells the story of St. Therese
of Lisieux, a young girl who fell in love
with Jesus Christ and demonstrated a
path of spirituality, known as the
"Little Way", through the actions of
unconditional love, human
compassion, and selfless devotion to

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This epic film follows Karol Wojtyla's
journey from his youth in Poland
through his late days on the Chair of
St. Peter.  It explores his life behind
the scenes: how he touched millions of
people and changed the face of the
Church and the world; how he
defended the dignity of mankind.  Jon
Voight's powerful, Emmy-nominated
performance as John Paul II was
widely praised, as was Cary Elwes as
the young Karol. Shot on location in
Rome and Poland in close connection
with the Vatican, this is the definitive
epic film on the life of
Pope John Paul II.  Stars Jon Voight,
Cary Elwes, Ben Gazzara, James
Cromwell, and Christopher Lee.  

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This movie captures the Capuchin
friar's intense faith and devotion, and
deep spiritual concern for others, as
well as his great compassion for the
sick and suffering.  It reveals the
amazing details and events in Padre
Pio's life as a boy and throughout his
50 years as a monk, dramatizing the
frequent attacks of the Devil on him,
as well as the persecution he suffered
at the hands of people, including those
in the church.  Starring Italian actor
Sergio Castellitto, and directed by
Carlo Carlei, this is an outstanding
feature film on the amazing life of this
great saint.

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This award-winning movie is a
beautiful representation of the
mystical life of St. Maria Faustina, who
became the "Apostle of Divine Mercy".
It tells the story of her mystical
experiences as a nun living in a
convent in Poland in the early 20th
century. It is to her that Jesus
appeared and commanded that she be
his instrument for promoting devotion
to his Divine Mercy, and that the Feast
of Divine Mercy be established and
celebrated on the Sunday after Easter.
He also requested from Sister Faustina
that an image be painted and
venerated of him and his Divine
Mercy, and asked that we pray
especially the Chaplet of Mercy.

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Queen of Heaven

4 - Disc Set DVD

She is history's most famous woman.
Those who come to her at their hour of
need are welcomed with a mother's
love, compassion and care. She is
gentleness itself to all who turn to her,
save one: To Lucifer, the devil, she is
an implacable foe.

Queen of Heaven is the story of the
battle between the angel who said "no"
to God, and the woman who said "yes."
It is a battle that has flared through
history to the current day.

Queen of Heaven is an encounter with
Mary as you have never had before.
Accompany Mary from her
Immaculate Conception through her
Assumption and beyond. Join her as
she defends Christendom at Lepanto,
frees a captive people at Guadalupe
and heals a broken nation at Lourdes.
Listen to her at Fatima as she predicts
the rise of Communism--and watch as
she defeats it through her beloved

Above all, discover why, though the
battle continues, victory is assured to
all who turn to the Queen of Heaven.

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Apparition Hill 2 - Disc
Collector's Edition Set

Seven strangers journey to
Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, to
investigate reports of miracles. Join
them as they search for answers to
life’s big questions on

Rated PG-13 (for some thematic

DISC ONE: Apparition Hill (115
minutes) with optional English or
Spanish subtitles

DISC TWO: Over thirty bonus
videos, deleted scenes, cast/crew
updates and more (135 minutes)

BOOKLET: 12-page full-color
Apparition Hill booklet with exclusive
behind-the-scenes content

Blu Ray
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Price:  $34.95

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