This film, directed by Leonardo Defilippis, tells the story of St. Therese of Lisieux, a young
girl who fell in love with Jesus Christ and demonstrated a path of spirituality, known as
the "Little Way", through the actions of unconditional love, human compassion, and
selfless devotion to duty.  Starring Lindsay Younce, this moving true story is told in an
inspiring way that invites the audience to contemplate and apply such spirituality in their
own lives.

$12.95 Each
Includes Shipping and Handling


A collection of excerpts and highlights from Bishop Sheen's Emmy Award winning TV
series, Life is Worth Living.  Re-digitalized with beautiful graphics and outstanding
quality, and narrated by Joe Campanella, this "gem"of Sheen's best will inspire you with
his insights and practical wisdom.  Experience the humor, profound messages, and
down-to-earth philosophy of this remarkable man, perhaps the greatest communicator of
the 20th century.

$17.95 Each

This is the film so many are talking about. An 18 minute film on the priesthood.  Fishers
of Men easily does what hours of apologetic talks on the priesthood and Catholicism
struggle to do. This film has even convinced non-Catholics of the importance of the
priesthood, and allowed many to understand for the first time what the Catholic
priesthood is all about.

$21.95 Each
Includes Shipping and Handling

This epic film follows Karol Wojtyla's journey from his youth in Poland through his late
days on the Chair of St. Peter.  It explores his life behind the scenes: how he touched
millions of people and changed the face of the Church and the world; how he defended the
dignity of mankind.  Jon Voight's powerful, Emmy-nominated performance as John Paul
II was widely praised, as was Cary Elwes as the young Karol. Shot on location in Rome and
Poland in close connection with the Vatican, this is the definitive epic film on the life of
Pope John Paul II.  Stars Jon Voight, Cary Elwes, Ben Gazzara, James Cromwell, and
Christopher Lee.  DVD includes Spanish subtitles and special sixteen-page collectible
booklet.  Closed captioned.

$26.95 Each
Includes Shipping and Handling


This movie captures the Capuchin friar's intense faith and devotion, and deep spiritual
concern for others, as well as his great compassion for the sick and suffering.  It reveals
the amazing details and events in Padre Pio's life as a boy and throughout his 50 years as a
monk, dramatizing the frequent attacks of the Devil on him, as well as the persecution he
suffered at the hands of people, including those in the church.  Starring Italian actor
Sergio Castellitto, and directed by Carlo Carlei, this is an outstanding feature film on the
amazing life of this great saint.

$22.95 Each
Includes Shipping and Handling


He was a just man, appointed by God to be the husband of Mary and the chosen father of
Jesus.  But there is more to St. Joseph than his familiar role at the center of the salvation
message.  He was a prayerful man, an exemplary worker and a true model of authentic
manhood.  This powerful film explores all aspects of St. Joseph and the many ways he
reflects the nature of God, combining stunning artwork and interviews with Catholic

$22.95 Each
Includes Shipping and Handling


The Catholic Mass is the most sacred act of worship in which a person can participate. At
the Last Supper, Jesus Christ, sat down with his chosen Apostles for what He knew would
be their last meal together. At that supper, Jesus does something new, something never
done before, and yet something which continues until the end of time.

The Catholic Mass…Revealed! is a beautifully written, recorded, and filmed production.
This collection will rekindle your heart, inspire your soul, and enlighten your mind so you
can enter into the Mass more powerfully than ever before.

$39.95 Each
Includes Shipping and Handling

Collection Contents:


The DVD explains step-by-step the beautiful gift of the Catholic mass. The DVD
contains beautiful imagery from Catholic masses in the United States. A written
commentary and original score accompanies the visual making this a perfect
resource to explain the mass, renew your love for the mass and a great tool for
group discussions. The DVD is 25 chapters and approximately 37 minutes.

Audio Commentary CD:

The Commentary CD contains extended commentary, explanation and
reflection on the Catholic mass. This commentary is set to music and is perfect
for both meditations and formal group discussions. The CD runtime is
approximately 76 minutes.


The booklet is a beautifully written full-color booklet that explains the
extraordinary gift that is the Catholic mass. It is designed as a companion to
DVD and audio commentary CD. The booklet was granted an Imprimatur by the
Most Rev. Wilton Gregory, Archbishop of Atlanta. The book is 33 chapters and
96 pages. Printed in full color.

Soundtrack CD:

The soundtrack CD contains original sacred music for the liturgy as well as
sacred hymns by classical composers, all performed in a beautiful vocal
arrangement. 15 Tracks with an approximate CD runtime of approximately 32
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