Scriptural Rosary Blog

I created the wordpress blog when people started
contacting me about the Laudate app.  They used it to
pray audio rosaries and said it often stopped in the
middle.  So I uploaded all of the audio rosaries to the
blog and they work great on a computer or all mobile

I even tried to blog for a while but if you visit, you'll see
the last blog post was in 2013.

It's really good if you like to use your phone to pray an
audio rosary.  Just click on menu and select the
Mysteries you want to hear.

I'm going to make an effort to post on the blog at least
once a week so please visit to get the latest updates.

Thanks again for your support and please contact me
whenever you encounter a problem or have an idea.

Today (6/21/19) I was contacted by a person that said he
sometimes gets interrupted when praying an audio
rosary and he wished there was a pause button.  I
changed the website mp3 player and now there is a
pause button.  If you like the audio rosaries I hope you
enjoy the improved version at this site or the one at the

Thanks and God Bless!