If you have ever had
trouble meditating
while you pray the
Rosary, this is the
booklet for you.  It
presents a brief
scriptural passage
before each Hail Mary
to help you stay focused
on each mystery.  The
passages have been
carefully selected so
that as you pray each
Hail Mary the story of
the event being
contemplated gradually

In addition to helping
you keep your mind on
the mysteries, each
scripture passage also
adds the power of God's
Word.  As Pope John
Paul II explains, whe
we use scripture to help
us contemplate and
"remember with Mary
the great mysteries of
her Son, we are not
merely "recalling
information but
allowing God to speak"
Buy the book separately
for $9.95 each.
Includes shipping and
Solves the #1 struggle
with the Rosary...
staying focused on the
mystery. Like the
popular Gospel Rosary
of Pope John Paul II,
and The Complete Still
Waters Rosary, this
new 2-CD set from
Vinny Flynn & Still
Waters features
dramatic readings from
scripture, but instead
of a reading before
each decade, there is a
brief reading before
each Hail Mary to help
you stay focused on
each of the 20

Running Time 1 hour,
32 minutes
This is my favorite scriptural rosary book.  Unlike "Live
the Mystery", it includes the Fatima prayer and the script
is bigger and easier to read!  Almost feel like I am
betraying "Live the Mystery" but I never asked them to
produce a new version.  I just don't like it as much as the
new version of "Live the Mystery".
Buy the CD separately
for $24.95 each.
Includes shipping and
The Mother of Mercy
Scriptural Rosary booklet can
be used in two ways:

1. As a companion to the 2-CD
set by the same title

2.  As a stand-alone booklet for
private or group recitation of
the Rosary
The Psalter of Jesus and Mary

By Christine Haapala

Illustrations by Julius Schnorr von

A Scriptural Rosary according to
Psalms and Proverbs

$6.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)


From Genesis to Revelation:
Seven Scriptural Rosaries

By Christine Haapala

Illustrations by Christine Parson

This is the most extensive collection of
Scriptural Rosaries you will find in
one book. Seven in all, one for each
day of the week. Each Scriptural
Rosary contains a thematic set of 150
Bible quotations that are specially
selected to accompany and illuminate
meditation on the mysteries of the
Rosary from the books of the Old and
New Testament.

$14.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)


3 Times on the Catholic Best
Seller's List for Children
as compiled by Catholic Book
Publisher's Association

Speak, Lord, I am Listening (2nd

By Christine Haapala

Illustrations by Gus Muller

Includes Luminous Mysteries and
Study Guide

This Scriptural Rosary prayer book
presents the richness of the Sacred
Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary in
terms that children can visualize and

$17.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)


A Scriptural Rosary

The Suffering Servant's Courage

By Christine Haapala

Illustrations by Gustave Dore

Align your sufferings with those of
Christ and His Blessed Mother.

This prayer book integrates poignant
Sacred Scripture verses about courage
and fortitude, the prayers of the
twenty mysteries of the Most Holy
Rosary, and 28 illustrations from the
inspired artistry of the 19th century
Catholic illustrator Gustave Dore.
Perfect meditations for everyone who
wants to pray and unite their
sufferings with the sufferings of Christ.

$12.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)


Pray the Rosary

This new, expanded version of the
tremendously popular Pray the Rosary
by Catholic Book Publishing offers the
traditional shorter devotion as well as
a longer devotion which includes
Scriptural texts. This extended edition
of Pray the Rosary is designed to
provide a greater context for praying
the Mysteries of the Blessed Mother
and Jesus, her Son. The additional
text, which can also be used as
alternative text, enhances the
celebration of the Rosary by focusing
more deeply on the Mysteries.

$5.95 per book
(Includes Shipping and Handling)
Available in Spanish.