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Purgatory Rosary


Your Prayers And Support Are Appreciated!

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If you are new to the site, Welcome!  Come back often!  Tell your friends and acquaintances.

I love it when we pray over 1,000 in the week.  Thank you!

This morning I received two emails for groups of 100 each but I did not receive the confirmation email
that is supposed to follow after groups larger than 10 pray.  To maintain the integrity of the count, I do
not include groups over 10 without confirmation.  The link to confirm your count is just to the left of the
group box.

Please remember, if you want your prayers to be included in the count you have to check the
box at the end of the rosary and click on submit.  I receive an email every time this happens
and that is how I count the rosaries prayed each day.  If more than one prayed please use the
box for groups and tell me how many prayed.  Thank you!

I remain extremely grateful for all of you that continue to pray regularly at this site.  If you have a
Facebook account, use the like and share buttons to spread the word about the site and its mission.  If
your priest thinks it is a good idea, have the site mentioned in your church's weekly bulletin.

The mission is to get more people to realize the blessings and benefits associated with praying the rosary.  
The count is just one way of measuring success.  If you use the form at the end of the closing prayers,
your rosary is included in the count.

Please use the ''Email Me" link below if you have ideas to improve the site and/or to increase the success
of our mission.

Thanks again.  God Bless.

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As a reminder... here are the 15 promises from Our Blessed Mother concerning the rosary.

I also want to thank all of you that take the time to send some feedback.  I really enjoy hearing that
people are still discovering the site and that our Blessed Mother through her holy rosary continues to
touch people all over the world!

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