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Who is this woman called Saint Mary aside from being the mother of
our savior? Is veneration of her idolatrous? What is her role in the
salvation of mankind?

Our Lady Saint Mary by J. G. H. Barry is a collection of inspiring
sermons presenting a devotional analysis of the life of the Blessed
Virgin. Presented in poetic and prayerful form, the book reflects on
Liturgies of the Catholic Church to illustrate the prevalence of the
address of devotion to the Blessed Virgin throughout Christendom.
The poems are selected with much the same thought, and have been
mostly gathered from medieval sources.

260 pages

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When the Storms Come takes you through the high and low points in the life of an Old
Testament believer. Walk with Job and his family and you will learn:

* How to "take" trials in the power and strength of the Lord.
* How to rejoice in the midst of your pain.
* How to trust God in all circumstances.

You will be greatly encouraged, strengthened and inspired as you share these insights from
Job's life and apply them to your own situation.

About the Author
Val Waldeck is a well-known international Christian author and Bible Teacher and has
been in full-time Christian ministry since 1970. She has written a number of books and was
awarded the prestigious South African Writers? Circle award for Professional Writer of the
Year in 2001 and 2002. Val lives in Durban, South Africa.

71 pages

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Only the Bible has been more influential as a source of
Christian devotional reading than "The Imitation of Christ".  
This meditation on the spiritual life...written by the
Augustinian monk Thomas à Kempis between 1420 and
1427, contains clear instructions for renouncing worldly
vanities and locating eternal truths.  No book has more
explicitly and movingly described the Christian ideal
, "My
son, to the degree that you can leave yourself behind, to that
degree will you be able to enter into me."
(-From the Book's Back Cover)

114 pages

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Teresa of Avila (1515 - 1582), also called St. Teresa of Jesus, is one of
the world's most beloved saints. She spent her entire life in Spain and
was the leader of a reform movement in within her Carmelite Order.
She was named a "Doctor of the Church" in 1970.

St. Teresa's words, with their warm-hearted approach to Christian
transformation, will help you look deeply into what it really means,
sometimes in the smallest of details, to have a relationship with Jesus.

130 pages

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Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich was an Augustinian nun  at the Convent
of Agnetenberg, Dulmen, Westphalia, Germany.  She lived between 1774 to
1824.  During her life, God gave her extensive visions of the past, the present
and the future.  Many theologians believe that she received from God more
visions than any other saint.  The Sorrowful (Dolorous) Passion of Our Lord
Jesus Christ are the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich concerning the
horrific sufferings our Dear Lord Jesus Christ suffered in his work to save
mankind. This includes the Last Supper, the Agony in the Garden, the Arrest,
the Scourging  the Crowning of Thorns, the Trial by Pontius Pilate, the
Carrying of the Cross, the Crucifixion and the Dying on the Cross and the
Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.   They are incredibly, highly
detailed and descriptive,  revealing to us more information about the Life of
Jesus Christ besides what we read of Him in the Bible.

199 pages

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The Dialog of Catherine of Siena is a practical and compelling
work of Christian mysticism. St. Catherine of Siena, a
Dominican Tertiary, wrote it "during a state of ecstasy while in
dialogue with God the Father." The book contains a dialog
between the "Eternal Father" (God the Father) and "a human
soul" (St. Catherine). In it, the Eternal Father describes,
through many different analogies, allegories, and metaphors,
the spiritual life of humankind. In his description, the Eternal
140 pages

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