The Sanctity of Life Scriptural Rosary
Double CD
$17.95 Each - Includes Shipping and Handling

2nd Edition includes the Luminous Mysteries

All 20 Mysteries! Two hours and twenty-one minutes of prayer, song, and music.  Like a
conversation with God, His message from over 200 specially selected Sacred Scripture verses is
intertwined with the prayers of the Most Holy Rosary. God's Message of the dignity and sanctity of
life evokes a profound understanding and belief in His promise of eternal life. Gentle, piano music
enhances meditation.

Includes four songs from the composer and soprano Nancy Scimone.
Magnificat, Beautiful Jesus, I Take Your Body and Salve Regina!
Pray a Scriptural Decade taken directly from this CD.  Examples below come from the Joyful, Sorrowful,
Glorious and Luminous Mysteries.  Be sure to listen to the Meditation Songs also on these CDs!

If you occasionally like to pray a Scriptural Rosary with someone, you are going to love this CD!
improving and developing your meditation during the Rosary!

This 4 CD set includes all twenty mysteries, dramatic Scripture
readings, and powerful background music that will transport you into
the Gospel events of each mystery.

Each CD includes two versions:

35-minute, 5-decade rosary with the Holy Father’s personal
reflections, scripture readings, fruit of the mystery prayers, and sung
Glory Be.
23-minute, 5-decade rosary with brief meditations. Perfect for short
trips or when time is limited.

Produced by Vinny Flynn & Still Waters
$34.95 - Includes Shipping and Handling
Rosary, this new 2-CD set from Vinny Flynn & Still Waters features dramatic
readings from scripture, but instead of a reading before each decade, there is a
brief reading before each Hail Mary to help you stay focused on each of the 20

Artist: Vinny Flynn & Still Waters

Running Time 1 hour, 32 minutes

Just $19.95  Price includes shipping and handling.