If you have ever had trouble meditating while you pray the
Rosary, this is the booklet for you.  It presents a brief scriptural
passage before each Hail Mary to help you stay focused on each
mystery.  The passages have been carefully selected so that as
you pray each Hail Mary the story of the event being
contemplated gradually unfolds.

In addition to helping you keep your mind on the mysteries,
each scripture passage also adds the power of God's Word.  As
Pope John Paul II explains, whe we use scripture to help us
contemplate and "remember with Mary the great mysteries of
her Son, we are not merely "recalling information but allowing
God to speak"

The Mother of Mercy Scriptural Rosary booklet can be used in
two ways:

1. As a companion to the 2-CD set by the same title
2.  As a stand-alone booklet for private or group recitation of
the Rosary
Buy the book separately for $9.95 each.
Includes shipping and handling.
Solves the #1 struggle with the Rosary... staying focused on the
mystery. Like the popular Gospel Rosary of Pope John Paul II, and
The Complete Still Waters Rosary, this new 2-CD set from Vinny
Flynn & Still Waters features dramatic readings from scripture, but
instead of a reading before each decade, there is a brief reading before
each Hail Mary to help you stay focused on each of the 20 mysteries.

Running Time 1 hour, 32 minutes

Just $19.95  Price includes shipping and handling.
Buy the two together as a combo purchase and save $5.00.
Total price as a combo purchase is $24.90.
Includes shipping and handling.
This is my favorite scriptural rosary book.  Unlike "Live the Mystery",
it includes the Fatima prayer and the script is bigger and easier to
read!  Almost feel like I am betraying "Live the Mystery" but I never
asked them to produce a new version.  I just don't like it as much as
the old version of "Live the Mystery".